30 September 2010

MAHESH SARAFF-The New Rare Calf God

" OMG Mahesh you deserved the title of a  rare calf god" , this is a  message published last week by a member if I"m not mistaken its Cheri Buckley when Mahesh Saraff was in the middle of posting 19 links of rare calves.

We could not deny the fact that many of farmvillers are desperately tried to breed foals and calves but only few were given this opportunity. Breeding foals is quite simple but for calves, it has a little difficulty because only one calf per day or nothing unlike for foals which you can get as many as you can by way of horse stable rotation.

Since last week, many of our members have noticed that Mahesh Saraff had published more or less an average of 15 calves per day. This is quite awesome for the members to have a chance to adopt these calves..What's really the secret of Mahesh of producing these little cute babies? Is he using magic or a special technology to increase calves production per day? the question lies in our head and needs answer in the future but whatever it is the most important thing is that Mahesh did it for us members. According to Timmy Smith in his message when he  responded during his appointment as the new admin and  I quote " You members are our top priority". Yes that's it.

Mahesh really deserved to be called the new rare calf god because he's the only players in farmville whom we know that publishes so many calves in one setting. To Mahesh Saraff, the admins/ breeders of this university would like to congratulate you for such a title and a job well done..CONGRATULATIONS.


Know your breeder: KATHY SMITH KRECKEL

I am proud to be a member/ breeder here at the Foals and Calves University. I have always loved animals and was raised on farms. Now I can work on them via my computer, lol.

I have worked at various jobs all my life, from welding and spray painting in factories to housekeeping/laundry in nursing homes. I have 3 children, one whom I lost 5 years ago due to complications from a car accident.
I am pretty much disabled now, and spend a lot of time on this computer, which keeps me busy. I love to make foals and calves for people! I have a good sense of humor and like to make people laugh also. Thank You Ricky for this wonderful site. It's alot of fun and very enjoyable for me and all the members. 


28 September 2010

A Tale of a Man from a Breeder to Admin

"Good evening every one, this is one of the many announcement I want you to know..In the last few days, I received a lot of messages and emails coming from the members recommending somebody for a little bit higher position in the university. According to them, this man was a consistent  breeder in this university and really helps a lot of members. yes,  he really deserved due recognition for his unselfish motive to help others. This man topped our previous survey as the Best Breeder of the Week. His contribution to the university become vital for our continued successes. His brilliant opinions became so important in promoting the welfare of the members. Ladies and gentlemen, the university is very much grateful and honored for the appointment of TIMMY SMITH as the new admin effective tonight" 

(This is  the announcement made by Mr. Ricky Quibingco, creator of Foals and Calves University, September 28, 2010 as shown on the university's wall)

Members' comments
Kristene Rich Congrats!!!!!!
Cheryle Mac Congrats 
Hong Ton Congrats 2 Timmy...
Dawn Attwood Farmer Whoo hoo!!! Great job Timmy! Congrats 
Mahesh Saraff Great Timmy heartly welcomes. Congrats!
Cheri Buckley well deserved title,Timmy is amazing,and a good person,its not only about the group,its about us as people,we all matter to Timmy,and that makes him special.
Christin Lee Congrats!
Gladys Kravitz Woooo Hoooo Timmy a position well earned... Congratulations....
Haunting Ayush congrats timmy good decision ricky
Shobhit Pradhan CONGRATULATIONS Timmy.
Mary Gueli-Corp Congrats 2 Timmy well deserved
Ginny Linard-Donato Congrats Timmy 
Mike Donato congrats timmy
Arnel Doña congrats, good job
Elizabeth Welsh-Cousins CONGRATULATIONS Timmy
Rosie Kantsas Congrats to Timmy....well deserved!
Margrette Williams Congrats Timmy, you sure do deserve it.
Jonna Olsen Congratulations Timmy, you do a great job
Ginny Shirk Congrats Timmy!!!! ! 
Carmen Watts Congratulations Tim!! I am sure you will do an excellent jobl! 


Timmy Smith thank you everyone. I will continue to help whom ever needs it and the success of everyone in the group is a top priority! Thank you Ricky for giving me this opportunity to futher prove my self to you and the members.


Know your breeder: TIMMY SMITH

Hey University memebers, I am a truck driver with a passion for helping people out. Helping others has always been a top priority of mine, online and offline. If I don't have an answer for you i'll find you one. Farmville has became a passion for me and since helping other out was second nature it wasn't difficult to realize i had to become a member of the University. In a way each one of of our members has became a second family to me even though we have never met. Also, A big thanks has to be given to Ricky for creating this group and doing such a wonderful job with it. Thanks to our breeders and admin for doing a tireless job keeping the site running like a well oiled machine. Last but certainly not least thank you members for being a loyal part of our group!


Know your breeder: JONNA OLSEN

Hi everyone!
I am Jonna Olsen and I live in Denmark in a small town named Jerslev.
I am a single mother,and have 3 children.
I have 2 works, I work in nursery home for sick,handichapped and elder people,where I take care of all ther needs and my second job is in the football club. I used to clean the rooms and wash the player clothes and that job is more challenging and just for fun than the money. I really loved football.

Farmville is my passion and I used to relax with that game and really enjoyed breeding all kinds of horses and produces foals for my friends and to the members of this university.
I am a smiling, friendly and love to take care of other people . I loved them so much.


Know your Creator : RICKY QUIBINGCO

Ricky A. Quibingco
A strong men with a soft heart. My love is higher than the mountain and deeper than the ocean. Clearer than the air and more blue than the sky. I can be a hurrycane at the same time I am a sunshinning on your life. You can describle me but you can experience on me.I am understandable, gentle, reliable, honest and responsible. I am respectful to the old and caring to the young. In my spare time, I will fully relax myself , by enjoying music, seeing movies, traveling, or hanging out with friends. I am also keep close eye to news at home and abroad. Sometimes, i will surfe online to collect some information. At weekends, I  go out with my friends in the malls. I am full of beautiful longing for life.I believe love is appealing.

I’m a man who is so simple but so caring, loving, outgoing, humble and loves to smile always I am God-fearing person... , I would be there for you, sharing thoughts and ideas, through joys and sorrows, and would love you for what you are. What my friends like about me is that I always tend to be there for them in times of hardships and pains I'm always the To-the-rescue-type of person....In general, I love you all.....he he he he as simple as that.

My Quotations: 

It takes a person who is wide awake to make his dreams come true.Some men see things as they are and say "Why?" I dream things that never were and say "Why not?"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. That is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.Every noble work is at first impossible.There is not a dream which may not come true, if we have the energy which makes, or chooses, our own fate... It is only the dreams of those light sleepers who dream faintly that do not come true...So keep on dreaming. Dream high! dream Big!

At present I was on leave for for my Masters of Education in Mathematics under the scholarship program by the Department of Science and Technology.I am a high school instructor at Western Visayas College of Science and Technology ( WVCST), La Paz, Iloilo City, Philippines.


Know your admin: NAOMI MELONI

Hi all members and fans of Foals & Calves University !

Firstly i would like to start with saying Thank you to Ricky for asking me to be an admin for this wonderful group !
Its been a pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful group of people ! Ricky first asked me to be an Admin when he created the group and i was extreamly honoured to have been asked , and quickly accepted ! Ricky is one of the kindest most generous people i know on facebook although we have never met in person hes one of my best friends here !In saying that  I have aslo met a lot of wonderful people at the University , its not just a place to share foals and calves etc but a good place to meet some wonderful people.

I am a stay at home mum with a 14 yr old daughter and a 14 month old daughter , I absolutly adore my children and spending time with them but as anyone would know having time to yourself is also important !
I live on the Sunshine coast of QLD Australia one of the most gorgeous places you will ever see , i love taking my girls to the beach & river when its nice weather but once the sun goes day and the kids are in bed 
i like to sit and relax by playing on my farm and breeding foals etc for everyone to enjoy !
I have been playing farmville since the begining almost and find it relaxing!
I know myself what its like to see all the little calves and foals that others have and you always want but cant get , this is why i do what i do when i breed to help those people who really appreciate them.
In closeing i just want to say thank you to Ricky for creating this wonderful group and also a big thanks to all the other Admins and breeders for their hard work as without all these wonderful people there would be no University Cheers !!!


Happy birthday from The University to you ! by Naomi

birthday,  is the day or anniversary of the particular day on which a person was born. This is a very special and memorable time for a person's life. In FCU, we really care our members as to the extent of giving them present during their birthday. This idea was conceptualized by our admin Naomi Meloni and Pritam More so she suggested to put a special portion in the discussion board where members who would like to received special gift should indicate their wishes and the date of their birthday. As to date, there were four (4) members who were given their wishes and received birthday messages from the staff and the members. these are:

September 10
Giovanna Rossini Hello All, Thank You so much for all your hard work. It really is appreciated and the little critters are such a joy! I am in luck as my birthday is September 10! I would love a buckskin, saddle foal, palouse foal, green foal, and a longhorn calf. Big wishlist but I do love all the little ones! Thank you all again!

Dawn Attwood Farmer I am new here and just starting to get the hang of breeding but I hope to be able to start sharing some good foals as soon as my new friends here can accept them This emoticon has been enhanced by Facicons I feel a little guilty asking for things when I am not able to share yet but as this is a list for birthday wishes, I thought I would post mine. My birthday is also tomorrow (Sept. 10th). I would love to have a saddle foal or maybe a green foal Or a kelly green or sentimental (I think that is the name) calf. Thank you so much Pritam!

September 15
Pritam More My Birthday is on 15th of September and my wishes are as follows:-
Long lasting of this group,
Lots of members join this group,
Every time enjoy yourselves,
All leave a Thank You note for the Breeder or Administrator whose calf you adopt,
Love to all,
Stay united always, and
Stay Happy Always.
Sorry a big wish list but can't help it, i want them all to as my Birthday Gifts.
                                                      Thank You.

September 21

Luis Chavez yay well by birthday is sep 21
horses: cream draft, saddle,green
calf: simmental, napolitan

September 22

Tom McMeekin My birthday is Sept. 22. I would love a saddle foal and a simmental calf.

Happy birthday to all


Dear FCU

Since the establishment of the Foals and Calves University, we received a lot of messages through emails coming from the members about their individual perceptions for this group. If we summed it up, well we are humbly say that they loved this group very much because they don't realized that they can able to complete or atleast started their collections of foals and calves. Others began the curiosity on breeding process and some  did loved those animals  wholeheartedly.

Heres what they say ( excerpt from the FCU discussion board)

Cheri Buckley There are not enough words to say thank you to all the kind and generous breeders who work so hard for all the members of this group.I find all of u to be caring and care 2 forfil our wishes very quickly.I for one,am very thankful 4 all of u,and think what ur doing is great.
Meenal Dave I am very thankfull to all the breeders for hard work they do n sharing with all of us, while not expecting anything in return,though its very tough n time consuming. Last but not least i am very happy for being a part of this " UNIVERSITY".

Kathy Smith Kreckel You all are wonderful here! 

Damiana Rhoades I've said it several times and I don't mind saying it again. All the breeders and admins are so amazing and so greatly appreciated. As are the rest of the members that take the time to post great goodies for our enjoyment and sheer delight. It can not be said enough. You guys are the best. I know that for so many of us that visit this site and for myself, who has basically lived here the past 2 days and nights, you bring a light into our lives everyday. These foals, which probably seem so silly to some people, bring alot of us such joy and light. For some of us recieving one of these cute little guys makes us forget, even if for just a few minutes, everything that is wrong in our lives. And for that there are no words that can express our true gratitude. Breeders are in a sense, miracle workers. In some ways, you guys do what no one else can. And we thank you. From the bottom of our hearts.

Melanie Lynne Miller I couldn't agree more about what you Damiana it's a shear delight to me Thanks to all.
-totally awsome!!!!
Damiana Rhoades Just speaking from the heart. And not just my own. It also comes from a new friend I have found on here. Her and I talk today and she shared her story with me. It brought me to tears. The foals mean alot to her as well. More even than they mean to me. So I was also speaking for her. She is a very special person as well.

Ricky Quibingco Wow what an inspiring words you have Damiana, you're absolutely right to say that our breeders were so amazing.. The breeders and admins share a common vision that is to serve our members to fullest. We share our hardworks and I am pretty sure that create joy in the heart of everybody..Thanks for the supports.

Martin Eyre this is the greatest organisation on facebook u are all doing a fantastic job helping us get our horses and calfs id like to thank ricky for creating foals and calfs if it wasnt for him i wouldnt have half the animals what i got now id like to say thanks to ferhan aswel for the foals what i got from him and thanks to every one else who breeds on here because no doubt i got foals and calfs from u all on here thanks again to u all 


The Race to 100 mania

The main purpose for which the Foals and Calves University was established is to provide the members with unlimited collections of foals and calves including xp's and other collectibles. To realize this objective, admin Mahesh Saraff together with admin Pritam More had both conceptualized to conduct an activity called " RACE TO 100", which was launched last September 18, 2010 at 8:30 in the evening ( Philippines time) and this will be continued  every Saturday , This is a simultaneous postings of 100 links for foals and calves excluding xp's and other collectibles.  This event was participated by some admins/breeders and other contributing members..

The second part of the event was held last Saturday, September 25, 2010 and it was well participated by FCU breeders and members. The organizer was able to shared almost 200 links of foals and calves for the members. After the event,there were so many reactions posted by members and most of them really like it. The activity was indeed a great success so the credit was given to the organizers especially Mr. Mahesh Saraff. We look forward for another exciting event next Saturday so be there to witness the actions..


27 September 2010

Admins in action


New Wish Upon a Star Project!

 The Foals and Calves University was conceptualized to provide a venue for the members to share and collect foals, calves, and other collectibles. Some members are joining the university because they want to get something special in return and because of this, our admin NAOMI MELONI with the collaboration of other admins and breeders especially Pritam More had conceptualized the special project called "NEW WISH UPON A STAR!. The university will provide a space in the Discussion Board where members could write their wishes. Our dedicated breeders and admins will try to grant it as soon as possible. let 's take a look of what is going on in the Discussion Board;

Hi all members this is the new wish upon a star board please post only 3 wishes at a time this way its more likely your wish will be granted sooner , our breeders will keep an eye on the board and will let you know individually when they will be able to grant your wish , breeding certain foals takes time and even longer for calves so be patient , also remember to keep your list updated so that we know you have recieved your wish , and PLEASE be sure to thank the breeders for granting your wish ! Any questions regarding this board please message me...... Thank you Naomi


Vicki Vampyvixen
Can someone please help me get a Kelly Green Cow, stallion, and a Neopolitan Cow?
Thank you.

Cheri Buckley wishes and prayers-hot pink pig,tuscan calf,and javelina pig-one can only hope these dreams are possible-thanks 4 all u do

Sandra Weaver Deem Please!
1) Long horn calf
2) Pot belly pig

3) Saddle Foal

Elke Peytier to make my collection compleet I just need 2 western longhorn calfs 
thanks in advance !!!

Leanne Poole i wish i could get a black and white stallion i been trying for a while to get them but i havent had much luck id be very grate full iv some 1 could help me thank u

Lourdes Silva my wish is a purple ponny

Vochin Serban mini apoloasa ,saddle foal and Percheron foal pls very very much

Sarah Harris Evans Okay, got my wishes thanks to Naomi Meloni Now just looking for one more....the Percheron foal thanks again all for your hard work and being so generous

Jeff Herrick Got the Kelly green Ive been after. Thanks so much. Only need red calf, pink pony and western longhorn now.. Oh and pink patch calf too.. Will get them all with a little patience

Sharon Chong I wish i can have
pink pony
brown pony
purple pony

Walter Utregbierpunk great job you're doing!!! love it! if i could choose I would love a kelly green calf, a green/alien foal and the one I would love the most; a stallion, know you cant breed them but if any one has a spare that would be great!!! cheers!!!

Gladys Kravitz I think my wish would have to be for the Simmental Cow /Calf and any rainbow item....Thank You All for All the wonderful work you do to help all in need...You are ALL greatly appreciated.....

Anam Rashid PLEASE!!! fulfil my wish..i want.... PINK pony, PURPLE pony and SADDLE FOAL!!!

Pooja Agarwal i want the newest foal in town
i dont knw the name but its very cute and it srats with r

Andy Elson 1. Clydesdale foals
2. western longhorn calfs
3. Bretons
Up to 8 of each
Thank you very much!!!

Ade Theresia confuse for what i really want  hehe,,,
well,,can i wish for :
Simmental Calf?
Gelbveih calf?
also,,,reitpony foal,,?
                 thanks before

Kathy Howard I would just love a stallion..I want to try my hand at breeding...if anyone can help let me know and thanks

Franzi Kotztallesan plz one western longhorn calf, a neapolitan calf and a pink patch and also an reitpony 

Kristene Rich I wound love a rainbow egg and wondering stallion links!!


and many more...................................wishes


Marsha Eade Isn't this just the greatest university/club/site? I'm am forever grateful to Stella De Bruin for telling me about this. You folks are all so great at granting wishses.

Michaela Strauß A special thank you to Ricky who partially granted my wishes.
I got my Western Longhorn Calf from him!

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Ricky. He made my second wish come true!
You are great Ricky!!!

Sarah Harris Evans Okay, got my wishes thanks to Naomi Meloni Now just looking for one more....the Percheron foal thanks again all for your hard work and being so generous

Amanda Cain Thank you very much Ricky for my Kelly Green Calf  I appreciate it very much

Martin Eyre once again a big thanks to ricky

Elke Peytier I want to say a BIG THANK YOU TO RICKY,
for making my wish come true !!! YOU ARE THE BEST !!!
Now I only need one little WLC to mak my collection complete ;o)

Melanie Lynne Miller would like sebastion to add me as a fiend so i can get one of his white stallion foals please
Sebastian Johannes Abdulgani Melanie Lynne Miller, ive already add you, just wait 24 - 48 hours than you can catch the foals.
Sebastian Johannes Abdulgani Thx to melanie, i got 2 from 3 whises what i have, now i just have to wait for an appalosa horse (not mini), morgan horse  and the rare pony  to complete my colection    and to breed more kind of foals :

and many more.........................


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