22 November 2011

Farmville Winter Wonderland Farm: A Quick Tour

Much have been said about the coming of the much anticipated farm in Farmville called Winter Wonderland and we're hearing much about the different speculations and rumors about this. The loading screens clearly give us a hint that this farm is really coming in few days or sometimes in the early part of December but those are only rumors or simply the product of our wild imagination.  We're just waiting for the official pronouncement of Zynga and Farmville about this matter but as of this writing, there's none yet as to when exactly the big day arrives. The Winter Wonderland farm will surely be released quite similar to that of the Lighthouse Cove 3 months ago , if you want to get an  early access just secure a train tickets worth 45 Farm Cash and there you are, you'll be in your dreamed farm in an instant, however, if you don't have such wealth, you need to wait for one more week before going there for free.

Anyway, since the released of Winter Wonderland farm is not known yet, why not come with me and we'll travel to the North Pole to have an advance visit.

The temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius and its getting too much cold there!

Winter Wonderland Ice Castle

There is a glaring Ice Castle over there! Do you want to go inside? I'm sorry, the Open House will not yet live, so better wait for the right time.

This is how your farm looks like and it keeps on waiting for you.

What a beautiful Polar Train Station. Train tickets will be made available soon, so why not reserve one for yourself now?

In order to get the completed Polar Train Station, you must need to help rebuild it just like the Lighthouse Cove! You gonna need some parts like some Candy Cane Railroad, Coal and Tracts. You better take note on this because you'll be working on this in the near future.

Oh What a lovely Santa Cow and Calf! Hope to get one soon!

What a lovely Icy Blue Unicorn and Foal!

Holiday Horse and Foal!

That concludes our tour for this hour! Please comeback next time for another adventure in the of snow called 'Winter Wonderland". Good luck!

Sources: Farmville Freak & Farmville Feed


Anonymous said...

cant wait for this new winter wonderland to come out so excited i still keep checking at the stroke of midnight to see if winter wanderland has arrived.

Foals and Calves University said...

Thanks ! me too but for a while, we need to secure 45 Farm cash if you want to have an early access .

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