20 December 2011

Farmville Unreleased Winter Holiday Horses: White Snow Fantasy and Black Snow Fantasy

The tradition still continues for Farmville in releasing unimaginable kind of horses  just like now, we'll be seeing 2 more beautiful horses in our farm very soon. These horses are still part of Winter Holiday releases, so we're expecting them to officially come to Farmville before the end of December but as early as now, some people got them in advance using special programs and their foals began to showed up on our feeds. You're lucky if you grabbed one. We don't know yet if these horse will be included in the forthcoming Mystery Game or just simply up for sale in the market. Who knows.

These are the horses:

  • White Snow Fantasy Horse
  • Black Snow Fantasy Horse

What can you say about these two horses? Did you like them to be in your farm this Holiday Season? Share us your comments.

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