18 February 2012

Bonsai: The Most Expensive Tree in Farmville

Are you fascinated with Trees? Good news! Farmville has surprisingly rolled out the Bonsai Trees in the market for some farmers started yesterday but as of this writing, they're now completely available in the market. For sure, you're excitement will live shortly  upon knowing the fact that these trees are considered to be the most expensive in Farmville. You can purchase them  from 30 Farm Cash to 75 Farm Cash depending on its kind.and that's equivalent to 3 to 5 level 2 Trees.  But the good thing is that , these trees are breedable which means you can produced seedlings after harvesting them in an orchard. Oh that sounds good! By the way, please take note that those Bonsai Trees roaming around our feeds were all Level 2 trees extracted from the following:

Level 1

  • Tulip Bonsai - 30 Farm Cash
  • Flowery Bonsai - 50 Farm Cash
  • Azalea Bonsai - 75 Farm Cash
tulip bonsai, flowery bonsai and azalea bonsai

list of bonsai tree prices in the market

Level 2
  • Tulip Bonsai II
  • Flowery Bonsai II
  • Azalea Bonsai  II
tulip bonsai II, flowery bonsai II and azalea bonsai II

These Level II Bonsai Trees which can be grab from your news feeds or you can ask them directly from your friends whom you know have in possession of the Bonsai I or the Level II itself. With tis, we can expect more bonsai releases in the coming market updates, so keep an eye at our articles for more information and guidance.

Happy Farming everyone!

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