17 May 2012

Farmville Leaderboard Challenge Are Now Live!

Hey Farmers! Did you know that Farmville has just released the Leaderboard Challenge where neighbors are set compete each week to get on top of the list? Yup, you've heard it right!  This is a healthy competition among neighbors to get the top 3 spots of the Leaderboard for some exciting prizes. This week's challenge, harvest the most Limited Edition Rainbow crop and see for yourself if you have come out on top of the Rainbow Harvest Fest Leaderboard.

You can view your progress anytime by just simply clicking the gold trophy icon on the right portion of your game. This week's rewards for the first place, second place and third place are 1 Book of XP, 200 XP and 50 XP, respectively.  You will also be awarded 2 Instant Grow Flights, 3 Unwithers and 1 Fertilize All for reaching the scores of 6000, 3000 and 1000, respectively.

So come and join the fun for some exciting prizes and rewards at stake every week.


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